Testimonials and Praise

My chi/pug mix Daisy has attended a few day cares in the area. I have nothing bad to say about any of them so far, but Bowhaus did impress me. Upon arrival, the owner spent time getting to know Daisy and me and he made sure that both of us were as comfortable as possible about trying out a new place. Everyone who works there is really friendly and shows real interest in me and my dog.

The facility is nice and open, inside and out, so the dogs are free to socialize with whomever. My little one likes to play with the big dogs, so this works better than some of the more segregated and compartmentalized day cares. There is an area for small dogs to get away from the big dogs if they need to, but from my observations it looks like everyone gets along really well. The staff does a great job.

Overall I really appreciate the personal and pleasant experience of working with this local business. Will definitely continue to drop Daisy off for playtime and will check out the Erie location as well.
— R.L.
We just wanted to say thank you for the report cards, photos and videos.  We end up stopping midday to check email for them each day.  We...really appreciate the glimpse into their day.  With these report cards and the web cams we are able to watch our boys play.  ...thank you so much for taking such good care of them...
— S.C.
Thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you that I greatly appreciate the care you provide for Percy.  Your patience with and understanding of his ‘terrierness’ is a gift to us.  He loves to go to Bowhaus and begins getting excited when we turn off of 63rd. He loves to run and play. Thanks again.
— J. G.
My wife and I are so pleased at the service our dog receives. Everytime we drive by or stop by our dog is just having the time of his life playing with the other dogs. This place is very clean and has adequate shade and play areas for our lab. The management team and employees are true dog lovers and it shows . Highly recommended.
— M.L.
I have been taking my dog here on and off for a year now. The owner, Dan, and the staff are very accommodating in so many ways and offer very personal service. You also get a report card every day telling you how your dogs day went. They also have dog daycare on the weekends which is nice since other places just have someone let them out a couple of times a day.
— J.H.
I just wanted to let you all know how much we love Bowhaus Boulder! My partner and I have three dogs that frequent your location for daycare on a regular basis. Thank you for providing excellent care, love, affection and wearing them out! We love taking them home after a long day of play to have them crash and sleep for hours! You guys rock! Thank you!
— Anonymous from our SuggestionOx
I’ve taken my 2 dogs to Bowhaus a few times now for both daycare and boarding, and every time we pass by they get really excited.

I love that they have cameras hooked up to the internet so that I can watch them while I’m away.

I’ve spoken with the manager, Aaron at length about various things and he seems to be a great guy that is great with dogs.

My younger dog is a cattle dog who tends to not like strangers much, but she immediately liked and respected him. I trust her judgement more than my own sometimes :P.

They even do some basic training while they’re there, like sitting and waiting until the door opens to the play area.

They just started using a new app too that sends me a text message with links to view a “report card” of their stay with a picture/video attachment of them having fun.

I am now a proud lifetime customer of Bowhaus and don’t see myself going anywhere else.
— L.S.