We Have a New Stylist!

More information coming soon about our new groomer Robin!


Note From the Groomer:

You can be assured that I will treat your precious pup with love and care. Your dog's comfort is important to me, and I will accommodate to their individual needs to make sure their grooming experience as relaxing as possible.



Groom Pricing Information:

Full Groom Haircut-

This includes a bath, brush/ comb out, hand blow dry, styled haircut with scissor finish, ear cleaning and nail trim.


Bath and Brush with Trim-

A bath with conditioning, brush/ comb out, hand blow dry light trim, ear cleaning and a nail trim. *This service is available between full groom haircuts, and also to dogs that don't require a haircut. 

* We currently do not offer grooming on dogs (over 50 lbs), or dogs with very heavy coats such as Samoyed, Chow, Malamute, etc.---Sorry!


Full Groom:

Teacup                              Starts at $40

Small                                 Starts at $50

Medium                            Starts at $60

Large                                Starts at $75


Bath and Brush With Trim:

Teacup                             Starts at $25

Small                                Starts at $35

Medium                           Starts at $45

Large                               Starts at $55

*This price list reflects base prices. Actual prices may vary depending on the type and condition of coat, or any special needs which may require additional time.


 Teddy's after groom photo

Teddy's after groom photo

Grooming Add-Ons & A La Carte

Teeth Brushing    $10.00

Nail  Trim/Filing    $12.00

Blueberry Facial    $5.00

Ear Cleaning        $8.00


**Please bear in mind that we do not offer grooming services to Trial Day Dogs. (We want their first experience here to be only wonderful, and grooming can sometimes be stressful), So we do recommend calling or emailing in advance.




For more accurate pricing information, as well as scheduling a grooming appointment, please contact Robin via email. 

Email Robin: robindeeray@hotmail.com