We work with our dogs with a few principles in mind...

• Encourage them to enjoy being dogs

• Help them be good doggie citizens

• Treat them with the same respect and high standard of care we would our own dogs

A Positive Social Environment

To sum up what we provide the dogs at daycare: it's a Positive Social Environment, in which they learn good social habits, are safe, and enjoy themselves.  We pride ourselves on maintaining an appropriately playful, but non-frenetic environment for our doggie friends.  A big part of this is not allowing excessive barking, which can become stressful for the whole group.  We actually do quite a bit of training with the dogs at Bowhaus!

Is Daycare Good for My Dog?

Naturally, daycare isn't for every dog, but for the average sociable (even hesitantly social) dog, it can be the best thing in the world!  Dogs are pack animals. Without a pack, they may not have all their social needs met, nor necessarily learn how to behave around other dogs.  We help them fulfill their natural doggy drive to play and socialize in groups, and incidentally burn up a whole bunch of energy.  (Do you know any dogs that need to get some energy out!?)  Some dogs are more shy or nervous at first, and many of these dogs eventually come around and really enjoy themselves.  Some dogs, of course, are in doggy heaven as soon as they enter the yard.

Photo and Video Report Cards

It's important to us that you know how your dog is doing at daycare, and we know you'll enjoy getting a glimpse into their day with demeanor words, photos, and videos (when possible).  That's why a digital report card is emailed (and/or texted) to you every time you check your dog out. 

Daycare Hours*

Continuous Play and Social Time: 6:30am–3:00pm

Drop-offs allowed: 6:30am–10Am

Pick-ups allowed: 6:30am– 10AM and 4pm-7pm

Lunch/Nap Time†: 12pm–1pm 

*Hours are always subject to change and variation.

†Lunch/Nap only for dogs who come with lunch or need a break


Daycare Rates- Includes Tiny Town

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Single Day

1 dog: $31

2 dogs: $55

3 dogs: $75

4 dogs: $93


Trial day:

-$20 Per dog-


Multi-Day Packages

10 credits: $290 ($29 / day)

20 credits: $510 ($25.50 / day)

(1 credit: 1 day of daycare for 1 dog)

*Packages expire 1yr after purchase

Add-On Services

Trail Walk : $20

"No frills" bath depending on size $20-50

Brush Out (10-15min) $10

Nail trim $12

Personal Enrichment Session: $8 for 15min


Please note: Packages are non refundable after 30 days. Package credits expire 1yr after purchase. 

Requirements for Your Dog to Attend Daycare

  1. You must register online and call to make a reservation before bringing in your dog(s)

  2. All dogs over 12 months of age must be spayed or neutered

  3. All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations: Rabies, Bordatella, and Distemper-Parvo (DHLLP / DAPP2). Please note: As of Oct. 1st 2018 we will start requiring the canine flu vaccine, which covers the H3N8 AND the H3N2 strains. There is a one shot combo. Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions.If your dog cannot receive vaccinations because of health concerns, you will need a letter from your vet.

  4. Puppies must have had their second round of immunizations, usually around 4 months of age. It's also a good idea to give the vaccinations time to work, usually takes a couple of weeks before they are immune.

  5. For the safety of every dog, and to maintain a Positive Social Environment, we do not accept dogs with a history of aggression or fighting

  6. Must be free of any communicable disease (please do not bring your dog if they are coughing, vomiting, have diarrhea or are showing any other potential symptoms of being sick!)

  7. Must be wearing a quick-release collar.

• please keep your dog leashed going to and from your car, including in our lobby

Trial Day

A dog's first day of daycare is considered a Trial Day, and we offer it at the low price of $20.  This single day of daycare is required prior to a dog's first boarding stay and before they are approved for further daycare.  The purpose of the Trial Day is for us to get to know your dog, for them to get to know us, and for all of us to be sure it's a good fit.  This day of daycare also helps a dog know that, if they are boarded, they are not being abandoned at an unfamiliar place, but will be picked up by their human eventually.

On a dog's Trial Day, we strongly recommend and prefer that you bring your dog as close to 7am as possible. Being one of the first dogs in the yard ensures your dog has the easiest entry into our social environment.  We also request you don't pick up before 4pm, so they can have at least a little time in the kennel after daycare ends at 3:15.

IF YOU DO NOT UPLOAD OR EMAIL US PROOF OF CURRENT VACCINATIONS, we will call your veterinarian to verify all vaccinations are current.  (You can upload files once you register.)

NOTE: We do not offer any grooming services for trial day dogs. We want their first day to be as positive as possible.

We Require Reservations

In just over a year, we've built quite a furry customer base and we actually do fill up some days.  So that we don't over-pack our play area, and so we always have enough humans present to properly care for and monitor the dogs, we require reservations for all our services, and suggest making them as soon as you know you'll want to bring your dog.  (If you have changes of plans, please also cancel your reservations as soon as possible, to make room for another dog.) Failure to cancel a reservation may result in a daycare charge. Upon registering, we will be notified and will follow up with you to create your first reservation and answer any questions you may have.

Are you ready to register now?

Please be sure you've read everything above before registering your dog for Daycare!  If you still have questions, please read the FAQ below!


Daycare Frequently Asked Questions:

-Do you separate the dogs into groups, like by size or temperament?

Yes! This is a new feature for us in Boulder. We now have Tiny Town which is upstairs and is a place for all the "littles" to romp and play without being intimidated by bigger dogs. Older or more shy dogs also may hang out in Tiny Town if they seem bothered by anything that's happening in the main area.

-Does my dog get to play all day or are they kenneled part of the time?

7 days a week our daycare dogs get to play and socialize from the time they arrive until daycare ends at 3:00pm, at which point they are put in a kennel run by themselves, where they will stay until they are picked up.  The exceptions are Lunch and Nap time (12pm–1pm – only for dogs who need to eat lunch or have a break) and if a dog is having serious behavior or health issues and needs to be separated.

-What do you do about dogs bullying each other or being aggressive?  What about humping and barking?

Of course, we don't tolerate any unfriendly behavior in our play groups, and we use a variety of non-harming methods for correcting unwanted behavior (also including barking).  Our goal is to teach the dogs what is appropriate (acceptable) behavior, not to punish them for inappropriate behavior.  Our corrective methods include: squirt bottles with water, leadership walks on a slip lead around the yard, verbal/vocal commands and corrections, body-blocking (to separate dogs), and gentle physical corrections or re-directions. In some cases, we also use time-outs, in order to get a dog to calm down and cease trouble-making behavior.  For extreme barking cases, we may use citronella bark collars.

-Do I need to bring anything for my dog when they come to daycare?

Nope!  However, if your dog requires lunch, you can bring that for them in an air tight container  with their name written on it and we will feed them (in their own private kennel run) at lunch time, at no additional charge.  Also, please be sure your dog is wearing a quick-release collar (pretty much any collar with a plastic buckle), which we can keep on them throughout the day.  Here's an example of a quick-release collar.  (These are by far the safest collars when your dog is interacting with other dogs!)