Additional Services

We offer walks, nail trims and "no frills" baths for dogs who are already here for daycare or boarding, and we now also offer walks and for neighborhood dogs, from their homes!* We offer full service grooming. Now introducing ReiKiki (Energy Healing for Dogs). When you make reservations for daycare or boarding, you can add any of these services!  If you are interested in services to your home, please email us: [email protected]

*Note: walks from home are not meant to be a substitute for boarding. For this reason, we only offer one walk per day, and recommend three or less per week. We are unable to complete any additional services - such as watering plants, taking care of cats, etc. - at this time. 


A Long Walk

Most dogs who stay with us get plenty of exercise playing with their friends and walking around our play area, but for daycare and boarding dogs who are less playful, need more exercise, or just want to get out to sniff and have a break from the other dogs, we offer leashed walks.  This is an especially good service for dogs who are staying for long boarding stays.  These walks begin at and return to our facility, and are at least 45 minutes in duration.

$15 as an add-on to boarding or daycare




Grooming Services

We now offer full service grooming. Check out our grooming information and let us know if you have any questions.