ReiKiki (Energy Healing) for Dogs

Bowhaus Welcomes KelseyAnne

I would like to introduce you to Bob. He is a four year old American Bulldog who is deaf, struggling with anxiety and has been living the past two years of his life as a rescue dog in a kennel.  Bob is near and dear to my heart.

My name is KelseyAnne Ogrodnick and for the past two years I have been volunteering with Last Day Dog Rescue (LDDR) out of Michigan, specializing in fearful dogs. I started by walking the dogs and attending the rescue’s weekend training classes. Before I knew it, I began assisting with LDDR’s training program that is geared towards these fearful dogs. Many of them were living at the facility. This is how I met my blue-eyed boy Bob and embarked on his journey that became ours. 

There came a point in time when I needed to reevaluate my role in the rescue. I took some space to breathe; to find out what my heart truly wanted. In the past, my personal challenges led me to the healing world to help heal myself. From this experience, I found my way into becoming a Reiki Practitioner and an Energy Healer. Reiki is used to help heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of our being. I decided to combine my training experiences, interactions with the rescue dogs and education as a healer to form “ReiKiki”. ReiKiKi uses a combination of modalities on humans and animals, my favorite being LOVE. Stemming from my nickname “Kiki”, I thought it was a clever way to claim this practice as my own. 

 I came back to the rescue world with a different mindset and that is when my journey flourished with Bob. Every week I would go to the kennel and sit with him in the run. We would do Reiki, hands on work, and whatever else it took to make him feel safe and loved. We listened to dog friendly music and I would play with his toes to stimulate his paw chakras while singing “This Little Piggy”.  When you give a healing you always receive a healing back. Bob sure helped to heal me; we had an understanding. I would cry and hold him while he sat on my lap and kissed away my tears. Touch is very important for Bob. It increases his Oxytocin levels, the feel good hormone. This is something that a lot of rescue dogs do not receive and that all forms of life thrive on.

For every dog the healing process may look different. Sometimes a situation exists where the animal doesn’t want any interaction at that moment. Reiki work can be done at a distance which gives me an equally effective option. Dogs are great candidates for healing work, unlike humans, their minds do not have the wandering thoughts or monkey mind as I call it. I have worked on dogs and cats with cancer, anxiety disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and fearful behaviors. Whether or not your pet has an existing issue, a session can be a relaxing experience for them. My practice space is cozy but vibrant. I play music and light candles to provide the full experience. Treats are used throughout the process for positive reinforcement. I welcome the opportunity to guide your animal through a ReiKiki session at Bowhaus, we will work together based on your pets’ needs! 

Tiny Town

Tiny Town is now open for business. It occupies the entire upstairs and is a place for all the "littles" to romp and play. Since Tiny Town is now open, we will be separating by size. Typically dogs under 20 pounds will stay and play in Tiny Town. We may also allow older dogs to hang out up there if they don't like the hustle and bustle of the downstairs crowd. We will also now allow toys in Tiny Town, as long as the group can play nicely with them. We have various types of rubber balls and toys that the dogs cannot easily destroy. The main downstairs play areas will continue to remain a toy-free zone. We just put a new webcam up, come check out Tiny Town!   

Exciting New Coupons!

Refer a friend and receive a free day of daycare!

Refer-a-Friend coupons are for daycare reservations only, and may not be used in conjunction with package credits, or for boarding or half-day reservations. The free day is for the existing customer, not the new customer. The new customer must mention you and/or your dog by name when they come in for their trial day, so that we know who receives the discount. We will keep track of who referred whom, and whether or not the coupon has been used, but you may need to remind us to apply it when you check out. 


Bring in a ski/snowboard pass or lift ticket and receive 20% off weekday daycare, and 25% off weekend daycare!

Ski Deal coupons are for daycare reservations only, and may not be used in conjunction with package credits, or for boarding or half-day reservations. If you have a season pass, you may use the discount once a month, or every time your dog stays with us for daycare while you ski or snowboard (please be honest! This is on an honor system). If you have a lift ticket, the coupon is valid for one use only, for either a weekday or a weekend, not both. The coupon must be used within a week of the date on your lift ticket. 

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New site, new yard, new software...!

Hello, friends and guardians of our mutual canine friends!  

It's just over a year ago that Bowhaus Boulder first opened its doors, and it's been an good year!  We've met and cared for an awesome group of new dogs and have been blessed to have many of our friends from Erie visit us here, too.

Lots has changed recently, mostly for the better!  There's tons of great news.  The only sad note is that Paul, who opened our Boulder location in May 2013, a talented dog handler and stellar employee, has left Boulder to pursue a new life in the mountains with his love. We will always miss you, Paul, and are grateful for the immense contributions you made to our business.

So let's get into the good news! 


Awesome New Software

We've recently integrated Gingr into our business, an innovative and incredibly useful web-application designed specifically for dog daycare and animal boarding businesses.  It helps us operate and track nearly every aspect of our business and has tons of features our customers love, too!  Read the full story here: click here.

Our New Website

Well here we are on the new site!  Being that we'd made so many changes, it seemed it was also time for our site to be updated.  (New site for Erie coming soon, too!)  We also thought it would be helpful to put more information on our site, about our services, staff, facilities, etc.  I, (Aaron) built this site on SquareSpace over the course of a few days and it's likely to see some little improvements keep rolling out for another few weeks.  Please let us know if this site can be more helpful in any way!

Thanks for reading - and more than anything, thanks for bringing your dog/s!  We enjoy them!

Deep bows from Bowhaus.